Choosing the Right Experiential Marketing Agency for Your Campaign

You’ve been tasked with choosing an agency to assist in carrying out your experiential-marketing campaign.

By Alex Miniak | December 02, 2016

Categories: finding an agency, agencies

Agency Business Development: Why Do We Overcomplicate Everything?!

We - as marketers, sales executives, and agency business-development managers - have an extraordinary knack for overcomplicating the hell out of..

By Amelia Robinson | November 24, 2016

Categories: agencies

How to Maximize Your Promotional Dollars

Not that long ago, we were tasked with what seemed like the impossible: “Get three simultaneous mobile promotional tours on the road to start..

By Alex Miniak | November 16, 2016

Categories: promotional marketing

The Importance of Product Sampling for New Brands

You have a perfect product; a winner.  Something that will completely change the face of the category forever. You know this already...and you..

10 Ways to Encourage and Motivate Your Teams

From a young age I entered the land of management.  As a young manager responsible for large teams of people twice my age, I learned certain..

Capturing Quality Content for Effective Social Amplification

Hiring professional photographers is typically seen as a non-essential element in planning for brand activations, especially in a marketplace that..

By Kevin Matte | October 27, 2016

Categories: promotional marketing

Agency Etiquette - The Pitfalls of Passive-Aggressive Emails

You take a sick day and come back on Monday to find some half dozen emails from “that” coworker – the angry, bitter type who probably spent the..

By Amelia Robinson | October 19, 2016

Categories: agencies

Forming Profitable Relationships in Agencies


As agency marketers, we typically approach client outreach from the standpoint of “Here’s what I can do.”  It’s unfortunate but true: we’re all..

By Amelia Robinson | October 11, 2016

Categories: agencies, Profitable relationships

Life Lessons From a Cupcake

 I’m a baker.

At least, I’d like to consider myself one.

I literally can’t resist the pull of my mixing bowls and measuring cups, even after an..

By Beth Brodeur | October 07, 2016

Categories: HR, Life Lessons

Brand Content and the Evolution of Engagement

 Experiential marketing has fought tooth and nail for its seat at the table, to rub shoulders with the suit-and-tie “traditional” agencies that..

By Erik Cannon | September 29, 2016

Categories: brand marketing

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