Pricing Procurement

If I were a betting man, I’d be willing to put a sizable amount of money against the fact that no creative services professional has ever been..

By Erik Cannon | August 23, 2016

Categories: procurement

Maximize Promotional Dollars as a Startup

Startups, agencies, and brands; the core of marketing and advertising.  A new product breaks into the market and with that comes the need..

Trust is Your Campaign

You've heard it before: "Well, that's great, but it's a lot of money, and I don't know if it will drive our sales." It's a reasonable concern for..

By Amelia Robinson | August 18, 2016

Categories: trust in marketing

Six Tips to Creating Shareable Events

Live events are a great way to personally and authentically connect with your consumer. They can also prove to be a great asset for your social..

Up, Up and Away: A First-Person Lesson in Target Audience Marketing

Over the last six years, the marketing industry has taken me many places—for meetings, events, trade shows, and conventions. To prepare for these..

By Alex Miniak | August 15, 2016

Categories: Startups, brand marketing

11 Tips to Nail Your Interview at a Small Agency (an HR Perspective)

I love your resume. You have some pretty impressive experience and your background aligns well with what we do. I think you might be just what our..

By Beth Brodeur | August 11, 2016

Categories: Small agency, HR, Interview

Driving Brand Loyalty with Experiential R&D

There is a reason corporations invest millions in R&D before they release a product, and a reason they spend millions more before they make..

By Erik Cannon | August 05, 2016

Categories: trust in marketing, brand marketing, agencies

Pokémon Go – Attack of the AR Experience

Who would’ve thought? People are exercising more, meeting others, and interacting with their environments more than ever before all thanks to the..

By Amelia Robinson | July 22, 2016

Categories: Augmented Reality

Choosing the Right Experiential Marketing Agency for Your Campaign

You’ve been tasked with choosing an agency to assist in carrying out your experiential-marketing campaign.

By Alex Miniak | June 30, 2016

Categories: finding an agency, agencies

10 Ways to Encourage and Motivate Your Teams

From a young age I entered the land of management. As a young manager responsible for large teams of people twice my age, I learned certain..

By Amelia Robinson | June 24, 2016

Categories: management and motivation

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