Agency Etiquette - The Pitfalls of Passive-Aggressive Emails

You take a sick day and come back on Monday to find some half dozen emails from “that” coworker – the angry, bitter type who probably spent the..

By Amelia Robinson | October 19, 2016

Categories: agencies

Forming Profitable Relationships in Agencies


As agency marketers, we typically approach client outreach from the standpoint of “Here’s what I can do.”  It’s unfortunate but true: we’re all..

By Amelia Robinson | October 11, 2016

Categories: agencies, Profitable relationships

Life Lessons From a Cupcake

 I’m a baker.

At least, I’d like to consider myself one.

I literally can’t resist the pull of my mixing bowls and measuring cups, even after an..

By Beth Brodeur | October 07, 2016

Categories: HR, Life Lessons

Brand Content and the Evolution of Engagement

 Experiential marketing has fought tooth and nail for its seat at the table, to rub shoulders with the suit-and-tie “traditional” agencies that..

By Erik Cannon | September 29, 2016

Categories: brand marketing

Tips to Keeping a Happy Office Environment

It’s no secret that happy employees are hardworking employees. While it can be hard to bounce back once morale is low, staying ahead of the..

By Samantha Murch | September 28, 2016

Categories: HR, Happy Office, Office Environment, Happy Employees

5 Ways to Improve Your Pitch Process

We’ve all received those super vague RFPs. You know, the ones with the target demo of women 18 to 35” that lumps together college kids, early..

By Amelia Robinson | September 26, 2016

Categories: agencies

Five Tips for Planning and Executing a Brand Event

 Whether it is a sold-out sponsored concert or an intimate corporate gathering, planning and executing any event for a brand can be a daunting..

By Shauna Cooney | September 23, 2016

Categories: Events, Executing, Brands, Tips, Planning

The Importance of Marketing for Start-ups

“MARKETING”…the term that seemingly makes start-ups cringe at its every mention. We get it, you’re new to the scene and you want to build your..

By Brittany Gentile | September 20, 2016

Categories: Startups, marketing, budget

Life Lessons From a Cup of Coffee

I’m a snob. It pains me to admit this. I consider myself a simple girl who prefers simple pleasures. But coffee…

By Beth Brodeur | August 31, 2016

Categories: HR

Pricing Procurement

If I were a betting man, I’d be willing to put a sizable amount of money against the fact that no creative services professional has ever been..

By Erik Cannon | August 23, 2016

Categories: procurement

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